Three Futuristic Movies to Watch this Holiday Season & Before 2022

How many of you guys have watched Terminator (all parts)? I guess most of you have. That’s good. Well, when I watched Terminator, Part 1, it all seem fictional and nothing close to reality. Well, that was my thought when I watched it some 30 years ago. Now, I think it greatly reflected our future. Advancements in AI and Robotics has proved the concept of robots & AI portrayed in Terminator. I must admit that Terminator was the one movie that made me watch all the futuristic movies till date. Here’s a list of my personal favorite and the movies that I think we all should watch this holiday season and before 2022.

1. The Martian

IMDB: 8/10

We all know that scientists and researchers are doing extensive research on planet Mars, and it seems that we’re close to ever in making Mars habitable. The Martian is all about the red planet. I’m not going into much detail, but this is my favorite movie among the list. Those who are interested in space exploration and particularly planet Mars, then this movie is a must watch.

2. Ex Machina

IMDB: 7.7/10

This one is my second favorite. A great movie that shows the power of AI & Robotics combined. This movie goes one step further in showing the good and the dark side of AI and its interaction with humans. Must watch. I must add that Sophia (Robot) is a real-life example of the lead female AI character in this movie.

3. Lucy

IMDB: 6.4/10

I didn’t know that we only use a fraction of our brain power. What if we used 100 % of our brains? Well, this movie is about super drugs that unlock our brains to its full potential and transform normal human beings into super humans. Must watch movie.

We’re sure you’ll really enjoy movies mentioned above. If you want more futuristic movies, then shoot us an email or comment below. Enjoy!

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